Saturday, 20 May 2017

High End Show Munich, May 2017. Days 2 and 3

As for day 1, I will add text later, photos for now:

Some will be very happy with these Burmesters, but I have a real problem with the chrome front panels.  When set up properly all you have to look at is yourself.  For me, that's not a good thing, but others might quite enjoy that effect.

Every possible choice of robust materials available in steel cages to enhance the sound of your listening room.  The decorative value is an individual decision

Looks amazing.  Why can't we listen to it?

For those who think Chord weren't putting enough effort into their industrial design

Boom-boom,    chica-chicaaaahhh

All members of the Tital family in ascending size (and price) order

Protective wall? Bass Traps? Whatever, can't imagine its helping with the sound 

McIntosh goes for the (non-existent in Europe) biggest VU meter award

Pretty room, nice display, no music.

No, not THAT Tidal...

Imitation bamboo dispertion stuff was quite popular

When 6ft 5ins is inadequate

A touch of damp

Augustiner went down well

HofBrau Haus

Stein's for the locals - bring your own key

A bar that charges its customers to use the loo

Simple, but oh so helpful - a rare thing

You'll need to imagine how they sound


Proof that there's no limits to the austentation available.  Unless they're magic super-sound crystals or something